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Hi! We're the Positiviti Partners.

We're a small but determined team of Positiviti Lending & Oasis Retirement Trust representatives working together to introduce the revolutionary micro-finance market to individual and accredited investors nationwide. We want to see everyone enjoying an early retirement and building generational wealth while passively empowering the world.

What is Positiviti Lending?

Positiviti Lending is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that distributes your investment in the form of small loans to entrepreneurs with medium and small micro-enterprises (MSME's) in Kenya.

This type of financial aid allows them to grow within their own community and lift themselves out of poverty as opposed to traditional aid from foreign governments.

Thanks to the mutually beneficial nature of micro-lending, Positiviti is able to offer borrowers lower interest rates, you higher returns on your money and a method to make a difference.

Positiviti is opening up the micro-finance market to EVERY AMERICAN who wants to build a legacy by helping hardworking families across the world build theirs.


Here's the problem...

Most lending institutions in Africa only pay attention to the top 1% and ignore the MSME's that make up the other 99%. According to IFC 2020 data, the continent is currently facing a $331 billion gap in commercial and industrial lending for the 99%, resulting in economic slowdown and widespread poverty.
This problem extends beyond Africa, as nearly one-third of the global population is unable to participate fully in their respective economies due to this financial bias, which is largely because of the limited access to traditional financial services.

The lack of credit reputation and available capital makes it nearly impossible for individuals to overcome poverty. In desperation to provide for their families and maintain their businesses, many will resort to loan sharks that charge predatory interest rates and ultimately throw the borrower into life-long debt, thus perpetuating the negative cycle.

The goal is to even out the playing field through micro-loans.

The remedy:

Mobile banking has recently become a game-changer for many developing countries that face these issues, and more people in rural areas are now able to access a broader range of financial services via smartphone.

Peer-to-peer lending is taking the investment market by storm and revered as an innovative solution to spur economic growth by providing small, manageable loans to individuals who may not qualify for traditional bank loans. This gives borrowers the opportunity to establish their credit reputation and put them on the radar for bigger loans down the road.

Positiviti's lenders are simultaneously able to achieve their financial goals up to 10x faster than other platforms because of the outstanding demand that micro-loans satisfy, as well as the platform's proven lending strategy which offers consistent returns and an overall safer alternative to other strategies.

 With micro-loans, business owners can invest in stock, equipment, education, and more...


Thanks to Positiviti's micro-lending app, AFRECASH (available in Kenya's Google Play store), the lending process has been made simple and transparent for all parties.

It functions like any other loan service by enabling borrowers to apply for a loan directly through the app. It's also used to review potential borrowers’ profiles and offer funds based on their creditworthiness (or other criteria they prefer).

Once approval is granted, funds are transferred securely to eligible borrowers' accounts within minutes after paying appropriate fees.

As the lending company, Positiviti has access to a large pool of potential borrowers, while borrowers are able to obtain the funds they need almost instantly.

Since establishment in September of 2018, Positiviti Lending's micro-loan portfolio and client base has grown 1,000%.

What's the secret?

The 'secret' to Positiviti's massive success is the  99.3% borrower repayment rate

Compared to other micro finance companies, Positiviti is able to offer a lower monthly interest rate for borrowers, along with 
rural borrower support and flexible repayment options.

Additionally, to reduce the potential of a concentrated loss, loans are distributed to a pool of borrowers. Loan dispersment is a key strategy for consistent returns.

What makes Positiviti different?


Vs. the industry average of 3.5%. Loans are distributed to carefully selected borrowers to ensure the chances of defaulting are next to none.

Positiviti's Co-Founder, Dr. Berry Odhiambo, was born and raised in Kenya. His desire to make a difference along with his deep understanding of economics and the specific needs of his community is why Positiviti exists today. 

Positiviti's platform primarily consists of individual investors rather than accredited investors or venture capital firms. This promotes long-term sustainability rather than short-term profit maximization.

Positiviti is bridging the gap between financial accessibility and rural communities with over 200 field agents across the country who help identify suitable borrowers and assist in loan repayment collection.

This platform will generate cash flow in 12 months with the option to stay in the platform and let that money compound annually.

Positiviti's partnership with AFRESA Credit Union, which currently consists of 80,000 members & operates in Nairobi and Kisumu, gives borrowers access to additional resources such as financial education and other products and services.

Why Kenya?

Along with Dr. Berry Odhiambo's (Co-Founder of Positiviti) roots in Kenya, it serves as the economic, commercial, financial, and logistics hub of East Africa.

 is a leading economy in sub-Saharan Africa with a domestic market of over 50 million people, and m
uch of the younger populace is fluent in English and technology.

The country has a strong bilateral relationship with the United States, with efforts to promote trade and investment through agreements like the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP). It is also a member of significant trade organizations such as the East African Community (EAC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which all provide access to broader markets within Africa.

Your involvements impact:

Increased access to credit

Micro-lending provides access to credit for people who may not be able to obtain loans from traditional banks, such as those living in low-income or rural areas.

Economic Empowerment

Micro-lending helps individuals and families lift themselves out of poverty by increasing their income and improving their standard of living. Over 10% of Kenyans have been lifted out of abject poverty.

Job Creation

Micro-lending helps to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in communities by providing funding for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Community Development

Micro-lending can also help to develop communitites by providing funding for public goods, such as schools and health clinics, and can also create a sense of ownership and empowerment among the community members.

What to expect when you Start Lending with the Positiviti Platform:


12% - 36% Annual Returns


Easy Management


Monthly Interest Gain Reports


Easy Enrollment Process


Transparency & Security


Portfolio Diversification


Consistent Cash Flow


Women Empowerment

Lending Levels

Investments below

Earn 1%
Dividend Monthly

Annual Returns:


Investments over

Earn 3%
Dividend Monthly

Annual Returns:


Investments over

Earn 3%
Dividend Monthly

Annual Returns:

36% + 3% Bonus

Trustpilot Reviews

See what people are saying about Positiviti Lending...

"Becoming an investor with Positiviti Lending has allowed for me to to have some peace of mind during these hard economic times and better yet knowing we are helping families and small businesses in Africa have an opportunity for growth and positivity."

-Maria G. Tena Hernandez
"I have been with Positiviti Lending for a year now, and I am highly impressed with the returns. I have not made so much on any other investment of mine. I will be investing more with them..."

"So far, I have been impressed with the consistency of reporting interest earned and receiving quarterly updates. I can always access my account and see my progress at a moments notice."

"I love how the Company is passionate about its customers and how they do all they can to make the borrowers happy."

"GREAT program, best interest returns and the best of all it to support people in needs all over the world."

-Livier Figueroa
"I have been able to earn more interest with this program than I would have with a savings account at a bank."

-Fernando Pena Echeagaray


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Is this insured by the FDIC?

Is my investment a charitable write-off?
What are the pros and cons of micro-lending?

Why doesn't my financial advisor know about micro-lending?

Financial Advisors advise on stocks that are publicly traded on NYSE or NASDAQ. Micro-lending companies like Positiviti, Tala, or Branch are not public companies, so they are not traded on the stock market.

Most micro-lending companies are “privately” funded in four ways:

Peer-to-Peer Lending (Ex. Kiva & Lending Club)

Private Equity Groups (Ex. Multi Millionaires)

Venture Capital (Ex. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Mark Cuban)

Individual Lending (Ex.
Positiviti Lending)
Who is managing the loan process in Kenya?
Positiviti Lending is partnered with Open Valley Investment Group, operating in Kenya since 2018 and is led by Co-Founder of Positiviti & President Dr. Berry Odhiambo and his management team.

Berry’s team has over 50 years of combined experience working with medium & small micro enterprises. Our management team in Kenya operates out of Naroibi & Kisumu and has over 200 field reps working throughout the country in rural areas.
What is Afresa?
Africa Rebuilding Savings and Credit Cooperative (AFRESA SACCO) was founded by the Berry and his team to address the many financial challenges facing small and micro businesses in Kenya. The idea originated from his experience in working with small businesses (mainly in the informal sector).
How can I be confident my funds are safe?
Positiviti utilizes a popular European blockchain known as 'M-Pesa'. M-Pesa is a secure mobile banking service in Kenya that allows users to transfer money, pay bills, and make purchases using their mobile phone.

The service was launched in 2007 by Safaricom, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya, in partnership with Vodafone. It has since grown to become one of the most popular and widely used mobile banking services in the world, with over 30 million registered users in Kenya alone. 
When can I start collecting interest & are there any fees?
Initial contributions must be secured in Positiviti for at least thirteen months. You can initiate a distribution of your principal &/or interest after the one-year anniversary of your contribution, and you will receive payment within 30 days upon your request for distribution.

There is a $20 annual maintenance fee after the first year and a 5% administrative fee for withdrawals before the one-year anniversary expires.
What is the process for running credit checks on borrowers in Kenya?
Positiviti Lending uses the services of Metropol Corporation in Nairobi for all credit checks.

Metropol Corporation is a credit reference bureau that provides credit information and ratings to financial institutions, including micro-lending platforms like Positiviti Lending through the Afrecash app, which analyzes usage patterns and re-payment history to assess a borrower's
Are there plans to expand outside of Kenya?
While there is a high demand for micro-loans in other countries, factors such as strategic goals, available resources, and market opportunities need to be taken into consideration. Judging by Positiviti's success in Kenya, expansion is on the horizon.

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