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May 30.2023
5 Minutes Read

How Positiviti Helps Medium,Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) and Investors

How Positiviti Helps Medium,Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) and Investors

MSMEs are a big untapped potential in the international economy. They develop more than 60% of new tasks and represent more than 90% of all services on the planet, however they face a difficult landscape. In order to make it through and grow, MSMEs need access to capital that can help them grow quicker and broaden their service reach. Investors also need higher access to MSMEs so that they can offer resources and help to these business in addition to reap the rewards of buying them. Positiviti is taking its function as a connected community to assist both financiers and MSMEs grow even further by presenting positive financial actions into their workflow. Although we don't have information on how this will be implemented right now, here are some insights we understand you'll discover fascinating:

A Billion People in MSME Finance Need Help

The current MSME financing landscape is in desperate requirement of an overhaul.

According to McKinsey, more than a billion individuals around the world are unbanked, and only about a quarter of them are even familiar with the problem. This is due to the lack of an effective, scalable, and budget friendly option to the standard banking system.

As an outcome of these problems, MSMEs struggle to acquire loans and access credit to grow their service. Even with access to financing, these business are typically strained with unnecessary costs and risk due to high interest rates and fees. Positiviti hopes to resolve these problems by creating an environment where users can access and keep an eye on all their monetary accounts in one location. By integrating both providing and savings items, Positiviti can bring monetary services to the unbanked and underbanked.

Positiviti's Goals Are Clear and Complementary

It's clear that Positiviti has enthusiastic objectives in mind for the future of financial services.

To start with, the community will assist businesses expand their reach via loans. This is a location that has actually been underrepresented by conventional financial institutions for a long time. It's likewise another location where the existing system is failing billions of people internationally. Nevertheless, MSMEs getting in the Positiviti environment won't just have the ability to get loans and gather the cash, they'll likewise have the alternative to be paid at time of request while also enjoying other benefits, such as insurance coverage.

Positiviti is likewise aiming to bridge the space between financiers and MSMEs. As we've seen in the previous couple of years, financiers have actually been going significantly mainstream. Consumers are now significantly comfy engaging with brands, and they take pleasure in the increased transparency and convenience that blockchain technology brings.

With these objectives in mind, Positiviti has actually been building a community that intends to link users and combine all monetary services under one roofing system.

This consists of a loaning item for businesses, an insurance product for security against risks, and a savings item for long-lasting investments.

How Positiviti Helps Investors and MSMEs

Ultimately, Positiviti's environment has the possible to help both financiers and MSMEs. For financiers, it promises that Positiviti will help alter the manner in which funds are distributed. In the present system, smaller sized investors have actually been neglected of the formula. This has actually caused a lack of competition, which has in turn led to high charges and bad loans. With Positiviti, nevertheless, all investors will have an equal possibility to put their cash into the system. When an investor has actually been discovered, they'll also have the ability to select whether they 'd like to get a financial investment or a loan. This will assist to level the playing field in between all investors and produce a community that is more responsive to demand.

For MSMEs, a growing number of financiers are now seeking out opportunities to invest in their companies. Unfortunately, though, this has led to a lack of interest in buying MSMEs. Positiviti aims to bridge this space by making it simple to buy MSMEs in addition to offer them with a platform where they can invest.

Evidence of SME Demand for Financial Services Is Hiding in Data

One of the greatest challenges for the financial services market is that lots of consumers don't understand that these services even exist. Positiviti is acting to change this. By developing a distinct environment that consists of all the monetary services that a typical individual requirements, Positiviti can begin to reveal the demand that is presently concealing in data.

From a company point of view, it's clear that potential consumers want access to financial services.

Not just do they desire loans, insurance, and investments, however they also wish to have the ability to track their spending and manage the cash that they have offered to them.

Not just does Positiviti appear to be attending to these needs, but it's likewise focusing on enhancing the existing monetary service landscape. The data that Positiviti presently has could be used to improve existing products as well as help to solve brand-new issues that emerge.

The Next Generation of Financial Inclusion: Positiviti's Vision

Overall, Positiviti's vision is to develop a brand-new generation of financial addition. Currently, less than 500 million individuals worldwide have access to formal monetary services. This consists of loans, credit cards, and investments. The remainder of the global population is either unbanked or underbanked. This includes those who have access to conventional monetary services such as savings and loans, however who don't have sufficient control over their cash to make good use of them.

Positiviti aims to change this landscape by creating a brand-new environment that uses access to all monetary services under one roofing.

With the special characteristics that Positiviti needs to provide, both financiers and customers will gain access to a wide variety of products. This includes loans with low rates of interest, insurance to secure versus dangers, and financial investments for long-lasting growth. Nevertheless, it's not simply the kind of monetary items that Positiviti will bring to the table. It will likewise enable users to gain access to all their monetary services from one app. This indicates that users will be able to quickly track their costs and manage the cash that they have readily available to them.


Positiviti is taking an innovative technique to altering the monetary landscape for both investors and consumers by producing a distinct environment for monetary services.

The business is concentrating on developing an unique community that uses access to a vast array of monetary items under one roof. Positiviti wants to transform the financial landscape for both financiers and consumers by creating a special ecosystem that provides access to a vast array of financial products under one roofing system.

We'll have to wait and see how Positiviti's distinct environment will change the financial landscape, however if any results succeed, these will be a huge step in the right direction.



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