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About Positiviti Lending

Positiviti Lending helps Medium and Small Micro-enterprises (MSMEs) flourish and grow in their country without aid from foreign governments.
Our micro lending platform is dedicated to the success of our lenders and borrowers. Versus competition, we offer our borrowers lower interest rates and less than 1% default rate, while offering higher returns on investments to lenders.



See what people are saying about Positiviti Lending.


Annette H.
After earning 36% the last 26 months, I can see a much earlier retirement in my future!


James A.
After losing 24% in the last year I was happy to start winning with Positiviti Lending. I am now earning 12% in my first year. 


Carole W.
Positiviti Lending is helping me and my husband build a future for our family. 


A Win-Win Situation

The Medium, and Small Micro-Enterprises (MSMEs) in underserved countries need capital to grow. Most lending institutions in Africa only give to the top 1%. Big banks ignore the bottom 99%. For example, Kenya has a shortfall of $300 billion every year. Positiviti aims to even out the playing field with our microloan services and your investment.


Myths About Micro Lending
Myth: Micro borrowers are not creditworthy
Fact: Another myth is that micro borrowers are not creditworthy and are unable to repay their loans. However, many micro borrowers are highly motivated and have successful businesses that generate enough income to repay their loans.

Myth: Micro lending only benefits the poor. 
Fact: Some people believe that micro lending only benefits the poor, but in reality, it can benefit a wide range of people and businesses, including small-scale farmers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Myth: Micro lending is too risky
Fact: Another myth about micro lending is that it is too risky and that borrowers are more likely to default on their loans. However, many microfinance institutions have developed effective risk management strategies to mitigate these risks and ensure the long-term sustainability of their lending operations. Positiviti Lending has a default rate of less than 1%

Who We Are

Established in September 2018, Positiviti helps Medium, and Small Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) flourish and grow in their own countries without aid from foreign governments. Since our inception, we have grown tremendously in both the size of our microloan portfolio and our client base. The secret to our success is that our borrowers never default on our loans. We offer our borrowers a much lower interest rate per month when compared to our competitors, and our microloans are processed within 48 hours for qualifying clients. Our lenders also receive a better return on their lending funds than most other microfinance companies offer.


Frequently Asked Questions
How does micro lending help people in Kenya?
Micro lending can help people in Kenya by providing access to small loans that can be used to start or expand a business, purchase necessary goods or services, or invest in education or training. These loans can help individuals and families lift themselves out of poverty by increasing their income and improving their standard of living. Additionally, micro lending can also help to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in communities. Micro lending helps people in Kenya by providing access to credit that they may not have otherwise been able to obtain, which can help them to improve their economic situation.
How does Micro-lending help build credit?
Micro lending can provide an opportunity for people without credit history to build credit by repaying their loans on time. Additionally, it can also provide an opportunity for people to save money by allowing them to deposit and withdraw money into their micro lending accounts. 
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