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Unlock the Potential of Microlending with Positiviti and Earn Up to 36%

Are you tired of meager savings account returns that fail to keep up with inflation? It's time to explore a better alternative and unlock the potential to earn 73.6 times* the national average savings rate. Welcome to Positiviti Lending, where you can become a microlender and receive an impressive 12% to 36% in annual interest.

Traditional savings accounts no longer provide a viable option to preserve and grow your hard-earned dollars. While they may offer a meager 4% interest today, the eroding effect of inflation leaves your savings vulnerable. Positiviti Lending presents a lucrative opportunity for you to achieve higher returns while combating the impact of inflation.

Why should you consider becoming a Positiviti Microlender? Here are some compelling reasons:

Empowering MSMEs: Since our establishment in September 2018, Positiviti has been dedicated to helping Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) thrive and prosper in their respective countries without relying on foreign government aid. Currently, we are actively serving the vibrant nation of Kenya.

Consistent Growth: Year after year, our microloan portfolio and client base have grown by an impressive 100%. This growth reflects the success of our microlending platform, which is designed to support both lenders and borrowers in achieving their financial goals.

Exceptional Default Rate: Our borrowers boast a default rate of less than 1% on our loans. This remarkable statistic demonstrates the reliability and trustworthiness of our borrowers, providing peace of mind to lenders.

Competitive Rates and Efficient Process: Our borrowers enjoy significantly lower interest rates per month compared to our competitors, allowing them to access the funds they need at more affordable terms. Furthermore, our microloans are processed within 48 hours for qualifying clients, ensuring timely support for their business endeavors.

Superior Returns: As a Positiviti Microlender, you can expect better returns on your lending funds compared to most other microfinance companies. By joining our microlending network, you open doors to enhanced profitability while contributing to the growth and success of entrepreneurs in need.

Discover the full potential of microlending and learn how you can earn up to 36% in the next 12 months. We invite you to watch our insightful webinar, where we delve into the details of this lucrative opportunity.

To access the webinar and embark on your microlending journey with Positiviti, simply [provide instructions on accessing the webinar or provide a link].

Don't miss out on this chance to diversify your investment strategy, earn impressive returns, and support the growth of MSMEs. Take control of your financial future with Positiviti Lending.

About Positiviti Lending: With Positiviti Lending, we empower East African entrepreneurs to revolutionize the local market and grow their businesses. Our platform provides microloans tailored for this region's 400 million-strong population – nearly 6% of the global total! We know our innovative approach will create jobs, spark economic growth and ultimately make a real difference within these communities. 

Unlock the potential of your money with a microlending strategy. Positiviti Lending makes long-term financial planning smarter and safer, allowing you to enjoy increased savings without jeopardizing current cash flow stability. Put your finances in action today, sit back and watch your funds grow!



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